The riding game area "Space wars" was designed for the year-round use both at the malls` areas and outdoor. If you use it in the shopping-mall areas, you don`t need to invest any additional money.Everything you need is in your base complete set. If you buy the riding game area, our professionals will do mounting supervision within 3 days (mounting supervision does apply).You will have a turnkey ready-made business with a fast pay-back period.

The unique and original design will definitely attract your consumers. Just be the first!
You can also use this ride attraction if you don`t have any special premises. You just need a summer terrace during the warm time of the year or a quick-build construction when it`s cold outside.
We call your attention to two quick-build construction options that our business partners create: a pneumatic hangar or a light-steel construction tent.

Ride pitch size 20 х 15 m.
Total cost EUR 18,170

This facility is an inflatable construction with a constant air supply system. If you want to have a new place for the hangar, you can inflate and deflate it repeatedly. The constant air supply system works automatically during the day or night and it`s a low power consumption construction. You just need to provide 220 Volts energy source. To install the construction you don`t need to pin it to the foundation (asphalt or concrete) using screws or pins or to make a concrete base. Such construction will be created in different customer`s sizes and colours in a short period of time.


Low price (5-8 months of the rental cost using at the shopping-mall, depends on the region)

Quick-build construction (2 days)

Construction height (more than 9 meters in an internal area of 300 m2) allows the consumers to see your ride attraction "Space wars" even they are far away from it. And it`s the advert you`re getting for nothing.

Mobility (you can move it to a new location)

Construction is non-transmitting sunlight that distinguishes very much the cosmic design and inner space illumination.

100 deflations and 100 inflations

Temperature range: at –60+80 degrees Celsius

Ride pitch size 20 х 15 m. Total cost EUR 10,430 (it`s the cost of a construction without any roofing and a concrete base).


It is the summer portable construction, that`s made using a lot of screw bolts.

You can use it when it`s warm outside.

You will have to make a concrete base of 20 сm. mat thickness. It`s also a low price item.

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